List of SBS Staff who have worked on the WPOH:
Holly Smith, former Dean, College of SBS
Dean Ed Donnerstein, former Dean, College of SBS
Ginny Healy, Sr. Director of Development, College of SBS
Gail Godbey, Associate Director of Development, College of SBS
Lori Harwood, Director of External Relationships, College of SBS
Christine Scheer, former Creative Services Manager, College of SBS
Steve Harvath, Director of Development, College of SBS

Members of the Landscape Architects Design Team
Margaret West
Libba Wheat
Karen Cesare
Lori Woods 
Caryl Clements

Independent Contractors 
Karen Cesare 
Margaret West
Lori Woods
Burns and Wald-Hopkins Architects
Novak Environmental
Proios Sandblasting & Painting
R.A. Alcala & Associates
Santa Theresa Tile Works
Slate Sculpture Ltd. 
Sletten Construction
TA Caid Industries Inc.
Tuller Trophy & Awards
Wheat Scharf Associates

Volunteers at the Dedication
Network of Feminist Student Activists
Alyssa Garcia

Grad student volunteers 
Yurika Tamura
Dylan Simosko

Staff Volunteers
Dorana Lopez
Lauren Johnson
Molly Holleran
Desiree Bernal
Alison Greene
Kathy Powell
Gail Godbey 
Lori Harwood 

Sponsors of the Dedication
Dean’s Office, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences 
Office of the President
Office of the Provost
Senior Vice President for Business Affairs
Senior Vice President for Campus Life
UA Commission on the Status of Women
University of Arizona Foundation
Vice President for Enrollment Management
Vice President for Research, Graduate Studies and Economic Development
Vice President and Senior Associate to the President
Vice President for University Advancement
Women’s Studies Department