Gift Opportunities - Sold Out

  1. Leaf Tile, Small Sold Out

    Ceramic tile decoration embedded in concrete.

    Leaf Tile, Small
  2. Leaf Tile, Medium Sold Out

    Ceramic tile decoration embedded in concrete.

    Leaf Tile, Medium
  3. Leaf Tile, Large Sold Out

    Duo-toned leaves dot the pathway of the Plaza

    Leaf Tile, Large
  4. Tree Sold Out

    The footings to mark your donation are beautifully cast in a relief tile that rises above the level of the ground and are inscribed on a blue field.

  5. Freestanding Bench Sold Out

    The serene and pleasant atmosphere of the Plaza is fully experienced while pausing momentarily on one of these benches. Designed by Caryl Clement of Wheat Scharf, these ornate, seafoam green structures adorn the area while providing a comfortable place to rest for anyone visiting the Plaza.

    Freestanding Bench
  6. Garedens Sold Out

    Flower or cacti gardens surrounding the Plaza structures

    cacti garden, garden donor is remembered in the form of a huge engraved boulder that is nestled among the plant life.
  7. Stairway Sold Out

    Southwest-themed icons travel along the length of this elegant handrail.

  8. Arch with Seating Sold Out

    Concrete arch reaching between columns that compose the main attraction of the Women's Plaza of Honor.

    Arch with Seating
  9. Plaza Sections Sold Out

    Three paved sections of the Women's Plaza of Honor: Youth Plaza, Maturity Plaza, Seniority Plaza.

    Plaza Sections
  10. Three Graces Fountain Sold Out

    Welcoming visitor's entering the Plaza from the south end, the Three Graces Fountain are a dynamic element representing the section of the Plaza dedicated to the Seniority stage of life. (See areas C3-C6: Plaza Map). The donation amount to honor someone with this item is $75,000.

    Three Graces Fountain
  11. Gateway Entry and Two Arches with Seating Sold Out
  12. Computer Kiosk Sold Out
  13. Central Plaza Sold Out
  14. North Plaza Sold Out
  15. South Plaza Sold Out
  16. North Garden Sold Out
  17. Central Garden Sold Out
  18. South Garden Sold Out
  19. Students Only - 4x4 paver Sold Out