Emily Fairfax Whittle Joffee

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Home Making

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Honored by: Bowman, Patricia
Date submitted: October 24, 2006

This memorial leaf tile is to honor my mother, Emily Fairfax Whittle Joffee. I know her only through the eyes and memories of my father and my godmother (her best friend).

She was born in Atlanta, Georgia on December 22, 1901, the only child of Louisa Toombs Hansel and Francis McNeice Whittle.

"Em" (to her friends) attended private schools in Atlanta and graduated from Florida State College for Women, where she was a member of Kappa Delta Sorority.

She met her future husband (my father) while visiting an uncle who was the commanding officer at Ft. Benning, Georgia. "Joff" (as he was called) left the University of Missouri and volunteered for service during World War I. He was commissioned in France and chose to make the army his career.

Following their marriage on November 12, 1923, they were posted at Ft. Knox, Kentucky, where I, Patricia Louise, was born November 13, 1926.

Their next move was to Ft. Benning, where by brother, Thomas Fairfax, was born December 10, 1929.

For health reasons, Dad was transferred to Colorado where we lived in Quarters 13 at Ft. Logan Army Post outside of Denver.

Inadvertently (and sadly) the dairy supplying Ft. Logan allowed some unpasteurized milk to be delivered. Only mother and I drank it and we both developed severe strep infections and were taken to Fitzsimons Army Hospital where mother died on February 7, 1932, leaving her husband with two small children to rear. He was a remarkable man who taught us good manners and to enjoy opera.

Little did I know, growing up in Denver, Colorado, that one day in Tucson, Arizona, I would honor, through memorial tiles at the University of Arizona, the two most important women in my life - Emily Fairfax Whittle Joffee, who gave me life, and my daughter, Barbara Fairfax Bowman Durning, to whom I gave life.

Patricia Louise Joffee Bowman
Written March 13, 2005