Anne Snodgrass

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Honored by: Scott, Susan S.
Date submitted: January 12, 2015
Gift: Engraved Paver, Small

Anne Snodgrass's contribution as an artist began in early childhood, and was rooted in her love of the beauty and joy she beheld in life. This vision held true for Anne throughout her 99 years and seven months of life. Born in Columbus, Ohio on March 20, 1915, Anne was the first child born to Russell and Edna Scott. By the time she was 13 years old, Anne's artwork had been recognized with publication in a book of poetry for children, and by several local and national art contests. Anne served as art editor for an award-winning high school yearbook, and earned her BA degree in English/Fine Arts from Ohio State University in 1937. Honored with membership in Chi Delta Phi for her literary work, Anne also became a lifetime member of Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority.

After college Anne worked as a photographic model in NYC, appearing on the covers of Life Magazine, Look, Saturday Evening Post, Glamour, and Ladies' Home Journal. While on a modeling trip to Tucson, Anne fell in love with Marvin Snodgrass. They married on October 20, 1945, and made their home together in Tucson, where they raised three children and were further blessed years later with six grandchildren and five great grandchildren. Anne was most beloved by children for her fun-filled spirit of adventure, her curiosity and good humor, and her love of animals and nature.

Anne and Marvin passed along their cherished values of love and respect for the natural world as well as the diversity of cultures throughout the world. They served as host family to high school and college students from Mexico, Burma, and Pakistan for over a decade. Many of Anne's paintings reflected her interest in the beauty she observed within indigenous cultures. She focused on those of the Southwest, Mexico, and Hawaii, translating the rich depths of their native traditions in her paintings.

Anne had a special talent for expressing the inner light she discovered in her subjects, whether she was painting landscapes, portraits, every day scenes or still life. She studied all mediums, becoming adept with watercolor, pastels, oil, and gouache. Anne's portraits are particularly valued for the unique essence she always recognized within each person, and conveyed so skillfully through her art. Anne contributed several portraits of community leaders to Planned Parenthood and St Francis In The Foothills Church, and to help fund-raise for The Boys and Girls Club of Tucson.

As a signature member in the Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild, Anne was also an active member of the Northern Arizona Fine Arts Association, Tubac Art Association, and PEN Women. Anne showed and sold her paintings in Southwest Galleries, private shows, and by commission worldwide. The University of Arizona Alumni Art show in 2004, proved to be her final professional event at age 89. Yet Anne continued to be prolific in drawing pencil-portraits for family and friends until just two months before she passed away at home on October 17, 2014.

Beyond her generous offerings as an artist, Anne translated many of her other aptitudes into enriching the lives of others. She created the Anne Scott Modeling School in the 1950's, to inspire young women in finding their natural ÌÇinner glow.' And after her children were launched, Anne completed her Masters Degree in counseling to work with people whose rehabilitation made it possible for them to work again. No matter what she accomplished during her lifetime, Anne's soulful radiance and innate gift for seeing all of life through eyes of love, is her most enduring legacy and inspiration for the future.