Alberta Rope

Areas of Achievement: 
Apache Culture and Tradition

Honored By

Honored by: Native American Women of Arizona Arch, UA
Date submitted: October 06, 2011
Gift: General Gift

Honoree of the San Carlos Apache Tribe as a member of the Elders Cultural Advisory Council

Alberta Titla was born on September 25, 1925, to Robert and Helen Longstreet Titla of Bylas, AZ. She, along with her brothers Willis and Dennis Titla Sr., was raised there in Bylas. Hart Preston is her younger brother and lives in Peridot.

Alberta used to make arts and crafts, i.e. Apache dolls, Apache cradleboards, and numerous beadwork to sell. We say she was one of the original incubator project starters because she created arts and crafts in a Arts and Crafts building in Bylas for selling to tourists. Her entrepreneurial spirit is found in some of her relatives of not, including artists Phillip Titla; musician Lambert Titla; newscaster Mary Kim Titla; and attorney and traditional singer Steve M. Titla Sr.

Alberta is a woman with a vast knowledge of the Apache culture and tradition. She shared her knowledge with the San Carlos Apache Elders Advisory Council and was a part of that group for many years prior to retiring. She has taught her grandkids about the Apache culture always relying on how things were done in her younger days. A visit with Alberta meant sitting and listening to her stories about her and her brother, Dennis' survival after her oldest brother, Willis, joined the Navy during World War II. She also talked about the good times she had with her friends at Point of Pines.

As she grew older and the aches and pains came, she always knew where to go to get herbal plants for each ache and pain. She always said 'get only what you need, this way the plant will continue to produce year after year.' Today, as she sits at Heritage in Globe, AZ, she would still like to go out and get some medicinal plants for her pains.

Alberta is our family matriarch and we are extremely proud to have her nominated as one of the honorees.