Mary Schmidt

Areas of Achievement: 
Home Making
Office Management

Honored By

Honored by: Schmidt, Thomas & Schmidt, Karen & Schmidt, Adam & Schmidt, Emily & Schmidt, Peter & Schmidt, Megan
Date submitted: December 04, 2010
Gift: Engraved Paver, Small

Born, raised and starting a family in NYC, my parents decided to seek a better life in California in 1960. As a family of 6, all of our belongings were consolidated into a 25' travel trailer, and off we went to LA. Family circumstances forced our return to NY where my father was unexpectedly diagnosed with terminal cancer. Widowed in 1963 with 4 young children, ages 3 - 8 yrs old, no home of our own, no car, no job and few resources, my mother somehow found the strength to work full time, purchase a home near my grandparents in Queens and enroll the 4 of us in parochial school. In 1970, she decided to relocate 2500 miles from all she knew to start a new life in a climate that was healthier for my asthmatic sister. After relocating to Tucson, AZ, she found full-time employment, bought a home, furnished it, learned to drive, bought a car and got 4 children enrolled in school...all in about 60 days. She has been retired now for 18 years from the Southern AZ Mental Health Center, where she worked for 22 years as the Executive Secretary to the Director. She continues to live independently, devoting most of her time to her church and family. My mother's courage, tenacity, compassion and love have inspired all that have known her, and we wish to honor her in this, her 80th year.