Linda T. Heffernan

Areas of Achievement: 
Higher Education

Honored By

Honored by: Human Resources
Date submitted: April 29, 2010
Gift: Engraved Paver, Small

Linda Heffernan is a force of nature ̱ greeting challenges with energy, enthusiasm, and creativity, and inspiring others to do the same.
- Mary Beth Tucker, Director, Office of Institutional Equity

Linda Heffernan: Always ready for an adventure!
- Marcia Chatalas, Implementation Director, Mosaic HR Project

Within the work there is the heart of the work and that's where Linda engages--with her head and her heart.
- Hank Childers, Director, Information Technology Projects

'The University will miss her leadership and straightforward approach in handling many human resource issues in a fair and practical manner.' I wish her a long and healthy retirement.
- Christopher M. Kopach, CPMM, Associate Director of Facilities Management

"Linda is a pillar of strength in the world of organizational drama."
- Michelle Norin, CIO Executive Director UITS

Let us stand and cheer the doer and the achiever ̱ the one who vividly imagined, sincerely believed, consistently challenged and enthusiastically acted.

Linda championed programs and service models that encouraged others to act responsibly, reach their full potential and unlock the door to personal excellence.
- Leslie Porter, Director, Human Resources Consulting and Talent Management

'The University community is a better place for what Linda contributed. She brought dedication, a tenacious drive and knowledge to every activity she did.'
- Robert J. Sommerfeld, Commander, The University of Arizona Police Department

Linda is wind beneath the wings of those striving to be excellent leaders and strategic motivators - her honesty and directness are refreshing and inspiring - thank you Linda - you have made a difference in people and organizations.
- Liz Taylor, University Information Technology Services

Deputy Chief Information Officer
'Linda is a champion of the underdog, an advocate for what is right, an artist in the creation of policy, and a warrior in protecting those whom she holds close to her heart. She is truly a woman of honor.'
- Loretta Pedraza, Human Resources Specialist

Congratulations to Linda Heffernan on her retirement from The University of Arizona. Linda has provided tremendous service to the University in the Human Resources and employee relations arena. Her knowledge of organizational development and assistance to new supervisors, both faculty and staff, as they took over running units and departments made great use of her sharp intellect and clear thinking skills. She did a great job in advising grievance and dispute resolution procedures for Classified Staff. The employment lawyers at the Office of General Counsel wish her well as she maneuvers this next passage in her life.
- Lynne Wood, Vicki Gotkin and Laura Todd Johnson

'Always willing to challenge the status quo'
'A fierce proponent of justice'
'An extraordinarily engaging speaker'
'A master facilitator'
'Determined to do things better, faster and smarter'
'Artful in her ability to navigate complex issues'
'Always willing to have difficult conversations'
'Committed to the development of others'

These are just a few of the things that people have said about Linda during her almost 23 years with The University of Arizona. She has mentored scores of young (and young-in- their-hearts) people during the course of her career, has quietly served as a executive coach to some of the University's most powerful people, has acted as an influential advisor to decision makers throughout our community, and has kept us out of court more times than we can count.
- Allison Vaillancourt, Vice President, Human Resources

Writing for a Harvard Business Review blog, Steve Krupp wrote, 'Great leaders -- whether they lead entire organizations or groups within them -- leave a legacy that transcends them and cements their contribution to the growth and transformation of their organization.' Linda is a woman of impact and The University of Arizona is a better place as a result of her dogged determination to make it so. While she may be retiring at the end of June, her legacy will live on in the way we consult, the way we seek to develop others, and the way we fight for the right thing even when it is the hard thing.