Kathryn Governal

Areas of Achievement: 
Higher Education
Social Service

Honored By

Honored by: Governal Endowment
Date submitted: February 25, 2010
Gift: Engraved Paver, Small

Kathryn A. Governal, born in 1966 in New Brunswick, New Jersey is remembered as a kind and caring humanitarian who persevered for years through illness and disabilities to achieve both her Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Journalism from the University of Arizona in 1996 and 1998, respectively. Sadly, Kathryn was taken from us in 1999 as the result of her illnesses. She was only 33.

Kathryn displayed a passion for life through her commitment to her journalistic activities as an intern and later a reporter at the Tucson Citizen, through her published articles in the Aztec Press at Pima Community College, the Tombstone Epitaph, the Arizona Daily Star, and the Desert Leaf and Good News magazine as well as acting as the editor of El Independiente (1996), a bilingual, student-produced newspaper published by UA for South Tucson.

Those who knew her personally praised her efforts and her dedication. Jim Patten, head of UA's Journalism department said, 'She was a very valuable student and a very popular student. Everybody loved her and respected her.' Citizen City Editor Joseph Garcia, a former UA adjunct professor said, 'I knew herÌÐand she always impressed me with her energy and compassion.'

In 1999, shortly after her death, the Governal family created the 'Kathryn Anne Governal Perseverance Award' Endowment, a 501C3 foundation at the University of Arizona. They currently include the Journalism, Communications, Philosophy, History, and Psychology departments. Plaques are proudly displayed in each of these departments showing the names and years of graduation of each award recipient. Students are chosen by faculty committees within each of these departments with multiple awards provided each year. These award programs have been funded in perpetuity.

In 2010, Kathryn's memory has now become part of the Women's Plaza of Honor. Pavers bearing her name, her degrees, and some of her most outstanding traits are located within these grounds. As you walk by and see them, the Governal family hopes you will take a moment to acknowledge her life, her achievements, and her memory; they continue to enrich the world around us.