Grace Sanders

Areas of Achievement: 
Home Making

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Honored by: Sanders, Starr
Date submitted: June 16, 2009
Gift: Engraved Paver, Small

Devoted mother, accomplished bookkeeper/accountant, and highly skilled dancer are some of the words used to describe Grace Sanders, although she is much more to those who know her. Always unleashing a warm, infectious smile, reaching her hand and heart out to those in need, and paying close attention to every word spoken to her, Grace is the charming and beautiful individual we all would love to have in our lives.

Grace Sanders was born February 21, 1920 in Chicago, Illinois. She was one of five children born to Molly Krauss and Jacob Greenberg. Grace was very active growing up. She especially loved mathematics and numbers. She played piano and viola. She also attended Northwestern University majoring in accounting. In Chicago, she met Harry Sanders, who would become her husband and with whom she lived in Joliet, Illinois for 25 years.

Grace always preferred to be out in the world. She helped manage operations of her husband\'s successful appliance store. She also pursued her own career working for various businesses in their accounting departments. After working many years for Amour Greyhound Corporation in Phoenix, she retired in 1975 to take care of Harry when he became ill.

Grace managed to balance her devotion as a mother with a strong work ethic. Through reason, dedication, and trust, she created a supportive environment in which to raise and support three successful children: Starr Sanders, Marshall Curtis Sanders, and Lee Reifenstuhl. Starr Sanders, the youngest of the three, deeply cherishes her mother\'s non-judgmental qualities and zest for life. No matter what Starr did or what she wanted to do, Grace Sanders never had a bad thing to say to her or any of her children. She always had a positive and uplifting attitude. Her daughter, Starr, also treasures her mother\'s ability to make sense of any situation which, according to her, meant there was never a fight between them. To Grace, life was too short to be filled with anger.

Although not always considered to be a dancer, Grace acquired this activity as a means of physical therapy for her husband when he suffered a stroke. During his recovery, she became his biggest motivator and successfully got her husband on the dance floor, where he was able to lessen the cognitive effects of the stroke. Dancing blossomed into a strong passion for Grace and she became so artistic in her movement that others sought her out as a mentor. She decided to provide many individuals free dance lessons so that all could enjoy the pastime as she did and learn from her expertise.

Grace Sanders is currently residing in Phoenix, Arizona, and enjoying her retirement. She goes out dancing as often as possible, plays bridge and other games, organizes dances, and generally brings a smile to everyone wherever she goes. She is active and devoted to her children and grandchildren. She makes sure to talk to them as often as possible so that she can be informed about what they and their children are doing. Grace Sanders has always been more interested in learning about others than talking about herself, so it is with great justice her story is finally being told.