Enid Zuckerman


Honored By

Honored by: Zuckerman, Melvin
Date submitted: October 24, 2006
Gift: Arch with Seating

I have chosen to honor my wife, Enid, by placing her name in the Women's Plaza of Honor at the University because, in fact, she is an extraordinary person of great vision and courage.

In 1958, as a young wife and mother, she and I with our three-year-old son, Jay, headed west from New Jersey with no destination, no job, and very little money. Enid was four months pregnant with our daughter, Amy, when the adventure started. Tucson was yet eight weeks away in our search. Courage!

Enid's vision in the early 1970s of creating a sanctuary of health, wellness and personal empowerment led to the creation of Canyon Ranch in 1979. The willingness to risk everything for a dream . . . True Vision!

Enid is a woman who has truly made a difference in the world. The courage of her convictions has led to better health for millions of people through the success of the enterprise she and I founded.

Enid's willingness to give back to the community through philanthropy is legend in Tucson. She is very proud that the Arizona College of Public Health bears her name.

Enid has been the consummate mother to her children, Jay and Amy, and grandmother to Nicole and Talia Rose. To me, she has been a true-life partner since our marriage in 1953. As a business partner since 1979, she has had vision, insight and a meaningful approach to problems of the human condition. She is quiet, unassuming and loving and has always placed her loved ones first. She is a woman who will always be young at heart! -- Mel Zuckerman