Pamela Slaten

Areas of Achievement: 
Higher Education

Honored By

Honored by: Fishback, Price
Date submitted: April 20, 2009
Gift: Engraved Paver, Large

Pamela Slaten has long been a superb teacher in the Eller College of Management, where she has been teaching operations management, quality management, and computer simulation since 1990. She also serves as the assistant department head in the Management Information Systems Department. Pam was a pioneer at the University of Georgia, where she graduated Magna cum Laude with a degree in Mathematics. After graduation, she worked in Tulsa, Oklahoma as a computer programmer for a major oil company. She then returned to Athens, GA and taught mathematics in middle school, where she was known for her innovative teaching. Her husband describes a large number of occasions where Pam's former students would stop her on the streets of Athens and rave about her teaching and then thank her for making math so much fun and interesting. She obtained an MBA degree from the University of Georgia and then moved to the University of Texas, where she was honored by the university for her work as a graduate teaching assistant. Pam was received her Ph.D. in Operations Management in 1990. During her career at Arizona Pam has been recognized by Business Week as one of the top professors in the MBA program. In 2005 she received the MBA Leadership award for her service to the program.