Donna Goldberg

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Higher Education
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Honored by: Goldberg, Jeffrey
Date submitted: February 12, 2008

Donna Goldberg was born in Brooklyn NY, the adored daughter of Mae and Carl Rubin. She was surrounded by a loving family including 2 brothers (Bill and Michael) and a family circle of aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents. She learned the value of family at an early age. Within 10 years the family moved to Monroe NY and Donna attended Washingtonville High and Orange County Community College. In the early 1970's the family moved to Tucson looking for better opportunities. After 35 years in Tucson, she still holds tight to her NY roots and the large extended family in Tucson, Phoenix, NY, Seattle, Texas, Massachusetts, and Florida.

Donna graduated from the University of Arizona in 1976 with a BS degree in Fashion Merchandising. The plan was to work in retail for a large department store. Instead the world turned upside down with health issues. Donna dearly wanted to start a family of her own and despite warnings from doctors; she had a beautiful baby daughter, Jessica, in 1982. Brandon came along in 1989. She was (and still is!) a wonderful mother.

In 1991 financial issues necessitated that Donna begin another career and this was the start of her current affiliation with University Medical Center. Since then, she has worked the dual job of a loving parent and wife, and a program coordinator in the UMC residency programs. Her current position is program coordinator senior of the emergency medicine residency program. Here she manages a program with over 40 residents spread over 4 hospitals and 9 other colleges of medicine. She is charged with tracking evaluations, managing accreditation, web site maintenance, managing staff, and tracking budgets. She is highly respected in the College of Medicine and is well known as an early adopter of technology, a master at finding information, and outstanding employee and co-worker. In 2001 she won the Arizona Health Sciences Center Staff Award of Excellence. Her mother, Mae, won a similar award from the University approximately 20 years earlier.

In 2000 Donna married Jeff Goldberg and in the process picked up 2 additional children in the deal (Ben and Emily). Together, Jeff and Donna have an active volunteer and philanthropic program in the Tucson Community, they have traveled extensively with their best friends (and relatives) Bill and Pam Rubin, and they enjoyed seeing all the children go off to college (and will enjoy seeing them eventually graduate).

Donna has overcome many obstacles, difficulties, twists, and turns. At any point, she could have quit; however, she persevered and has become a great success. She is loved by many and liked by all who know her. She is a generous and protective parent and spouse. She is simply the rock of our family and a great partner. We are extremely grateful to have the privilege of placing her name and story in the UA Women's Plaza of Honor.