Shirley Fulginiti

Areas of Achievement: 
Community Building
Home Making
Social Service

Honored By

Date submitted: December 24, 2007
Gift: Leaf Tile, Medium

Shirley Fulginiti is a community volunteer and activist with special interest in the arts, education and the well being of women and children. A former emergency room nurse she is an alumna of the University of Arizona.

She serves as a board member of Steele Memorial Children's Research Center at the University of Arizona Health Sciences Center and a Board member of the Women's Studies Advisory committee (WOSAC) at the U of A. She is also a board member of Invisible Theatre and the University of Colorado Center for Bioethics and Humanities. She successfully brought art and humanities into academic health centers by sponsoring and developing art and talent shows in three major health centers: Arizona, Tulane and Colorado.

She was a founding board member of ACT now known as the Arizona Theater Company. She has served on the Committee for Education and Outreach of the Central City Opera Company and as a volunteer for Museo de las Americas, the Denver Main Library, and the Colorado Symphony. In 1989-90 she was President of the Metro Denver Medical Society Alliance. The Fulginitis live part of each year in Denver, Colorado where she is a member of ARCS (Achievement Rewards for College Students) and a life member of Girls, Inc.

Shirley is the proud mother of three grown children (John, Laura and Paul) and their respective spouses: (Susan Ellis, Dan Martin and Lisa Hayden) and grandmother to Daniel Martin and Alexander and Lucas Fulginiti. A son, Jeffrey Thomas, is deceased.

Shirley is a founding member and a life member of WOSAC, the Women's Studies Advisory Council at the University of Arizona.