Alexandra M. Armenta

Areas of Achievement: 
Community Building, Education, Health/Medicine

Honored by

Donor(s) name: Wilkinson-LeeAda

Alexandra M. Armenta is a University of Arizona alumna and continues to contribute her skills to the University of Arizona. Alexandra's ability to work and get along with others is truly remarkable and her work ethic, commitment, and professionalism make the work environment enjoyable for everyone. Alexandra has a very calm and welcoming demeanor and makes individuals feel automatically comfortable. Although she may first come off as quiet, she is one of those individuals that is very observant and thoughtful and therefore she likes to evaluate a situation before providing her perspective. A true Wildcat and Latinx scholar, she has dedicated her time, knowledge, and service towards serving underrepresented communities and does so with the cultural humility that is necessary to truly make a positive change for all. Alexandra's ability to connect with people is what makes her a true asset to the UA and Latinx community. She is a social justice advocate for all, whether she is working toward equitable chane for women, underserved communities, or vulnerable populations, like abused or neglected animals, Alexandra manages to speak for those that may not be in a position to speak for themselves. Her quiet grace and approach to all things comes from lived experiences and recognizing that everyone is dealing with their own struggles. Alexandra is a shining star that has made a big impact and touched the lives of so many people and we are all better off as she continues to share her strengths, knowledge, and advocacy with our community.