Annie A. Stein

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Honored by: UA Bookstore
Date submitted: March 29, 2007
Gift: Leaf Tile, Small

I came to Tucson in 1946 as a newlywed, with my husband Leo. In years to come we would have three wonderful sons, Alan, Bill and Ken. They are all University of Arizona graduates with wonderful careers.

I started working at the "little" U of A bookstore as a cashier in 1971. Today the bookstore is considered by many to be a "work of art." To say that I enjoyed my job as a cashier is an understatement. Being able to work with student employees, to gain their trust, support them with their problems, be their friend, mentor them, and impact their lives in some small way, has been an absolute joy.

Getting to know so many faculty, staff and students, and having them become my friends has been wonderful. Meeting second generation students has been fun as well.

I was with regret that, having some health issues, I felt the need to retire in December 2007.

I had a blast and a great ride... wouldn't change a day!

-- Annie Stein


Annie Stein is recognized by UA students, faculty & staff members,
community leaders and prominent dignitaries alike as an unparalleled ambassador for both the UA BookStores and The University of Arizona.

Her contributions have influenced relationships and careers. Her
welcoming smile and indomitable spirit have inspired countless students to achieve their dreams through education. Annie's ability to remember each face and the story behind it has earned her the gratitude and respect of those from all walks of life.

-- University of Arizona Bookstores