Kimberly Battistella

Areas of Achievement: 
Community Building
Real Estate

Honored By

Honored by: Randye Ferrick
Date submitted: April 27, 2007
Gift: Leaf Tile, Small

Kimberly Battistella was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on January 31, 1954. She was the youngest of three children and the only girl. She and her two older brothers lost their mother to cancer while they were still very young. Kimberly was on her own by the time she was in her late teens. During this difficult time of her life, she had a beautiful baby girl, Jessica. Jessica was tragically killed in a car accident before her 2nd birthday.

Kimberly wanted to achieve success in her life and she wasn't afraid to work hard to get what she wanted. It wasn't easy, but Kimberly managed to put herself through college and become an airline pilot. At that time, she was one of only two women pilots working for United Airlines, an amazing feat for a young woman who had to overcome such adversity in her life. She worked at United Airlines for many years and traveled the world flying and conducting training courses for the airlines worldwide.

Kimberly was also very involved in her community. She was an ADRA certified mediator, serving as a volunteer Court Mediator for the Maricopa County Justice Courts and also volunteered her time as a motivational speaker for Community Women's Groups supporting battered women.

Kimberly was a dynamic individual who at the time of her death was a very successful real estate agent with Tierra Realty and Development in the Tucson Headquarters. After joining the Tierra team in 2004, she consistently attained the highest sales performance every year and she was well liked and respected by every member of the real estate community. Kimberly was intelligent, capable, organized and could easily juggle many jobs and tasks at once. Kimberly loved to be with people, sharing her ideas, her experiences and her opinions. Kimberly was outgoing and friendly and she loved talking to clients, co-workers, strangers and friends. She could converse on any number of topics; she could be funny, serious, quirky, informed, passionate about causes and always interesting. She had many endearing qualities and a caring personality and she was the consummate sales person. She was a shining star! To know Kimberly was to love her and hope that some her shining qualities would rub off on you. Sometimes it was enough just to be in the same room with Kimberly. She brought her own special aura into every room she entered.

For those of us lucky enough to have known Kimberly, her memory will always live in our hearts. Kimberly will be missed by all of her friends and associates and will be remembered for her sunny disposition, her willingness to mentor and help anyone who needed her and for her amazing warmth and zest for life. She was a wonderful human being who gave selflessly of her time and her talents.

Kimberly Battistella was tragically murdered on March 26, 2006, but her legacy of love, laughter and perseverance live on.