Elaine Joyce Carlson Dobler

Areas of Achievement: 
Community Building
Home Making

Honored By

Honored by: David Dobler
Date submitted: January 29, 2007
Gift: Tree

For Mom

Under your tree Mom, we will sit and think of you.

From here, like your quiet strength - you can see the mountains you love so much; Like your protective and nurturing love - your tree will shade us from the sun in the summer; If we are patient as we sit under your tree, like your infinite patience with us as we have grown - the sun will warm us in the winter; In the spring time, like your warm smile and sparkling eyes - on a soft and fragrant breeze we will smell the flowers; and in the fall ̱ your favorite time, like your gentle hand through times of change, we will be here, under your beautiful tree, and think of you dear Mom, dear wife...Of your tireless love, undying devotion to family and husband, sacrifice before self, your beauty, manner and grace, your spirit, your faith, your love of this earth and its creatures, and of all that you have given us ̱ Under your tree we will think of you - of Ma, of Pa, of Bill, of the legacy of the family that gave us our perfect Mother, steadfast wife, a wonderful sister and a loving, giving daughter.

Your tree will be that place, our dear Mom, where like its many leaves, our memories of you and us will gather - forever calmly, quietly and gracefully stirring in a gentle breeze - accompanied by the tender song of little birds.