Diane Loving

Areas of Achievement: 
Higher Education
Home Making

Honored By

Honored by: Sloan, Devon
Date submitted: October 24, 2006
Gift: Engraved Paver, Small

Born in Columbus, Ohio
Raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Bachelor of Arts from Pennsylvania State University
Masters in Teaching from City University
Her passions are art and teaching, and she is accomplished in both fields.
Diane Loving is just as her name implies -- a loving, nurturing mother, sister, daughter, friend, teacher and artist, who just happens to have more energy than the Energizer bunny.

She moved to Tucson in 1999 from the Seattle area and has become involved in G.O.V.A.C. (Greater Oro Valley Arts Council), was a founder of the Southern Arizona Arts Guild, and currently is the Director of Professional Development at Tucson Design College and a teacher at Chapparal College. She has taught at Pima Community College, Prescott College, and has done some work for the University of Arizona.

While in the Northwest, Diane was honored by City University with the 1999 Excellence in Teaching Award, a designation she richly deserved.

Diane's life is all about teaching -- her students, her family, her colleagues, and herself. She is a lifelong learner, and is willing and certainly able to impart knowledge and guidance as the situation requires or permits. Her students adore her. Her friends are devoted to her. Her colleagues respect her, and her family loves her more than she could ever know.

You are definitely aware that Diane has entered a room! Her presence is instantly known as enthusiasm and happiness are her constant companions. She has brought joy when there is sadness, light when there is dark, and love when there is discord.

She definitely is a woman of honor and deserves her place in this plaza and in life. One couldn't ask for a more complete friend or sister.