Diane Louise Springer Wilson


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Honored by: Wilson & Family, John
Date submitted: October 24, 2006
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Date submitted: October 24, 2006
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A devoted daughter and granddaughter, Diane Louise Springer Wilson has dedicated herself to making life rich and joyful for her children, grandchildren and husband of nearly 50 years. Her career as a counselor and worker in behalf of displaced homemakers reflects that dedication, too, and has carried forward her deepest held values: compassion and belief that the life of the individual is a spiritual journey. In retirement she continues to inspire both her family and the clients who, over 25 years, have sought her assistance, her guidance, and her unflagging belief in their personal strength. Always good-willed and ready to laugh with her many friends (and to laugh at the antics of Laurel and Hardy and Charlie Chapin), Diane is generous with her own keen sense of humor. She is a willing companion to all who make the journey of life with self honesty and who are open to awe in the presence of God's creation. --John Wilson Diane Wilson, M.Ed. in Counseling and Guidance from the University of Arizona, served as Director of Project for Homemakers in Arizona Seeking Employment (PHASE) for 23 years. She was the founder of Arizona Coalition for Displaced Homemakers through the Governor's Office for Women, and secured and administered grants to fund non-traditional employment for women for over 7000 Arizona displaced homemakers, single parents, and incarcerated women. Among her many honors, she is the recipient of National Women Work! Network award in 1995, presented in Washington, D.C., and of the Susan B. Anthony Luminary Award in 1999 from the Arizona Women's Council and the National Museum of Women's History.
"Diane Wilson received a BA in Psychology from the University of Illinois and an M.Ed in Counseling and Guidance from UA. In 1981 Diane became director of PHASE (Project for Homemakers in Arizona Seeking Employment), Arizona's foremost displaced homemaker program. During her 21 years as PHASE director, Diane has created programs and publications for career counseling, job readiness, vocational assessment and assistance with job placement, and has expanded PHASE services to include single parents, welfare recipients and incarcerated women. Under Diane's leadership, PHASE became Arizona's statewide technical assistance program for JTPA (Job Training Partnership Act) staff and participants. Diane has been a board member and regional representative to the National Displaced Homemakers Network (1985-1988) and founder of the Arizona Coalition for Displaced Homemakers within the Arizona Governor's Office of Women's Services.

In addition to her remarkable professional achievements, Diane Wilson has had an interest in storytelling for over 30 years. She has researched myths and folktales about strong women and has investigated goddess history and how much of that is incorporated into our western religions. She uses her research and storytelling skills in many of her workshops to help women build self-confidence and expand their life options.

During her years of leadership and service, Diane has been honored with many well-deserved awards, including the Tucson YMCA's Women on the Move award (1988), the Women Work! National Outstanding Service Provider award (1995), the Susan B. Anthony Luminary award for service to women and girls (1999) given by the Arizona Women's Council, EveryWoman's Story and the National Museum of Women's History." --PHASE