Lisa Stage

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Honored by: Amazon Foundation
Date submitted: October 24, 2006
Gift: Arch with Seating

Lisa Stage is a tireless advocate who gives freely of her time. She is a founding member of several Tucson, Arizona non-profits. Women for Sustainable Technologies (WST), Tucsonans for Sensible Transportation (TST) and its political wing Citizens for a Sensible Transportation Solution (CFAST), and Emerald Resource Solutions, are organizations that deal with issues that Lisa feels strongly about. WST is a local group which deals with women's empowerment issues by providing education focusing on solutions to living lightly on our earth. Through bi-annual conferences and monthly discussion circles within the Tucson Community, WST keeps people informed about these important issues. CFAST is an enthusiastic group of volunteers working on a citizen's initiative for this coming November's ballot. CFAST is geared toward educating people on the choices in mass transit. Showing how we could improve the Tucson community by incorporating light rail. She helped host advocates of light rail from Portland to speak here in Tucson. Lisa has spent many weekends sitting outside The Food Conspiracy Co-op on 4th avenue getting people to sign the citizen's initiative petition and encouraging them to vote. She is also the editor of The Conspiracy, the Co-op's monthly newsletter. Emerald Resource Solutions was started to educate the local community on solar power and its strong advantages here in the southwest.

Lisa also volunteers her time with The Peace Center which puts out a monthly Peace Calendar and holds a yearly Peace Fair. She is on the executive committee of the Coalition for Sonoran Desert Protection. Lisa is also an active member of the local Green Party. --Women Builders