Women Residents of Academy Village

Honored By

Honored by: Soldwedel, Donald & Luda
Date submitted: October 24, 2006
Gift: General Gift

The Academy Village is a retirement community for people who want to continue contributing in their fields of specialty, exploring new areas of knowledge, or pursuing creative interests. The women of Academy Village represent a broad professional spectrum from astrophysics, ancient languages, chemistry, and education to ecology, medicine, law and the arts. Other women in the Village have made their contribution through volunteering and being full-time wives and mothers. The following women are representative of the nearly 100 women currently residing in the Village.' ̱ Anonymous Academy Village Resident

'I feel like I had to break the trail in some ways.' At Academy Village, 'I see all the women being valued for all that they have to offer.' ̱ Judy Witter

'I find it a great pleasure to be among people with broad intellectual interests who have led and are still leading productive lives.' - Anne Draffkorn Kilmer

'Women are diverse in every way and women in the Village prove that. We need to be interdependent to be truly independent.' ̱ Yetta Goodman

'When I graduated from college, I wanted to go to medical school. Was talked out of it by everyone, including a medical school directorÌ_said I was bright enough, but would need to be better than any of the men there to succeed. Women in those schools were few and far between and were given a hard time by everyone.' ̱ Fran Betteridge

'When I entered the doctoral program, only 2% of graduate students were women, while at the time I retired in 2004 women were 55% of those enrolling for doctoral study.' ̱ Rosemarie Moore

'There are two features about the village important to women: friendliness, regardless of marital status; and the community interconnectedness that exists between residents.' - Margaret Wu

'The Village is a laid back, flexible, warm, caring community, stimulating with a huge variety of excellent programs, great fitness classes for all levels, and in easy walking distance to the Center.' ̱ Kather Winder

'It is the people here who make it so special' ̱ Mari L. Stitt

'I realized I could stand on my own two feet without the financial support of a husband.' Academy village is: 'Food for the soul, the mind and the body... Shortly after my divorce, I was excluded from many activities that were ÌÇcouple' oriented. I haven't felt that exclusion at the Academy.' ̱Patricia Stewart

'Seeing how the opportunities for women have evolved since I was a girl has been very excitingÌ_e.g. when I graduated from college there were, in addition to homemaking, three fields widely open to women: nursing, social work and teaching. Now the possibilities are endless.' - Barbaranne Shepard

'Certainly having a baby was a significant event in my life. But there were others. The most significant probably involved being born into a family that highly respected women's intelligence, abilities and skill. I was a tomboy, and probably attempted to try as much as possible to be male in motivation and achievement. It took a while to accept and revel in differences between males and females, but am still concerned that there are strong biases against females in this countryÌ_as indicated in the media coverage of Hilary Clinton' ̱ Virginia Richardson

'Hiking with my husband, found I could do more that I'd expected--Climbed Mt. Whitney, Rincon Peak and Baboquivari in my 30's.' ̱ Helen Price

'Gong to School of Pharmacy at the University of Wisconsin made a huge impact on my life. I graduated in 1950 in a class that was about 10 % women.' ̱ Shirley Potter

'I spent a large part of my career trying to be one of the guysÌ_i.e., to accomplish things without regard to gender. In a few cases I got a little upset at being the token woman on a committee.' ̱Marcia Neugebauer

'I was the second woman Dean of Engineering in the U.S.'

'For once I can stand up and say that I am a mathematician without having everyone around me groan and say ÌÇI was never good at math.' This is a community which respects the talents and accomplishments of all of its residents.' ̱ Sabra Anderson

'The seeds of greater impact and opportunity for women were all being sowed when I was a child in the 1950s, but it's taken another 50-plus years for those seeds to flower into what feels close to full equality of opportunityÌÐ' ̱ Carla Nelson