Alethea Caldwell

Areas of Achievement: 
Higher Education

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Honored by: Wilkening, Laurel L.
Date submitted: October 24, 2006
Gift: Gateway Entry and Two Arches with Seating

Alethea Caldwell is currently providing strategic consulting and board advisory services to Heath Industry and Technology Companies. She has managed and advised in many sectors of the Health Industry over a twenty-five year period. Positions held include: Executive Director, Arizona Region, Blood Services, American Red Cross; and Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of MatureWell, Inc. in Tucson Arizona. MatureWell, Inc. was a personalized, virtual management program of health and care benefits systems for seniors. It developed and used web-enabled technologies to connect providers and consumers.

She was also the President and Chief Operating Officer of Managed Health Network (MHN) in Los Angeles, California (a managed behavioral health company). Her other positions included: Executive Vice President, Blue Cross of California; Secretary of Health for the State of Arizona; and President and CEO, Ancilla Systems, Inc., a Catholic health care system in the Midwest. She was the Founding CEO of the University Medical Center, Tucson, Arizona; and held senior management positions at Cedars/Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles and the University of California, Irvine Medical Center.

Additionally, Ms. Caldwell has served as Director or Advisor to several companies: Health Research and Educational Trust; ElderHealth, Inc.; (formerly Consensus Health Corporation); Archon Technologies; and on the National Board of Advisors, University of Arizona, College of Business and Public Administration, Health Insights, Inc., The Health Alliance, and the Health Policy Issues Group.

Ms. Caldwell has lectured in Health Care Management programs at the University of California, Irvine, the University of Michigan, Ohio State University, and Arizona State University. She has also authored several articles in professional publications and made numerous presentations. She is a Fellow Emeritus in the American College of Healthcare Executives.

Ms. Caldwell is married to Dr. Gary Munsinger and enjoys physical fitness activities, cooking, Integrative Medicine, computer sciences and German shepherd dog sports and competition and breeding activities.
My experience as a founding CEO of the newly created University Medical Center Corporation was a positive one. The challenges and complexities and personalities were fun. Learning to work between two worlds - a public institution governed by Regents, transitioning to a non-profit corporation with community leaders. Learning the "culture" of the Arizona legislature and state and using persuasion us authority to get the job done. Creating a "new" entity was the challenge. The most rewarding part was the competent employees already there; the development of a new entrepreneurial service culture; the support of the excellent medical staff and department chairs, the College of Medicine and the Dean; and the selection of a competent administrative team, some of whom remain. It was a defining job in my career - as my first CEO position, and one of only a few in the world of teaching hospitals in the 1980s. -- Alethea Caldwell