Sadie Turner Pitts


Honored By

Honored by: Jolivet, Anna
Date submitted: October 24, 2006
Gift: Leaf Tile, Large

Parents: Sadie Osborne and Joe Turner. She graduated from Tucson High School where she met, and later married her husband of 49 years, William E. Pitts. Sadie has three children and four grandchildren.

Sadie earned her bachelor's degree from the University of Arizona, and her master's in education from California Polytechnic University, Pomona.

Awards/Acknowledgements: Outstanding Community Service, Inland Valley News; Women's History Award, Delta Kappa Gamma; Lorraine Hansherry Award, Drew Child Development Corporation; African-American Achievement Award. Pomona Alliance of Black Educators; Maude E. Pitt Award, South Hills Presbyterian Church; Ida L. Jackson Award, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority
Sadie was employed as an educator for over 30 years. She specialized in reading and language arts. She is the published author of two children's books: "Sparkle" and "Tri-Bros" and a poem entitled "Ode to Sons and Daughters."

Sadie has volunteered in schools and at local nursing homes, conducting varied music and language arts activities. She is on the Human Relations Committee of the Inland Valley Council of Churches, and the Pomona Valley Church Women United. She is a member of Delta Kappa Gamma. She has been an active member of Alpha Kappa Alpha for 44 years, holding offices, writing grants, hosting fundraisers and most importantly to her, tutoring children and youth.

Sadie has been a member of South Hills Presbyterian Church for over 37 years. She attributes her life's successes to her faith in God, and belief in His Son Jesus Christ. With those values, she has lived an exemplary life of sacrifice for others. Today, she will tell you that her purpose for being on this earth has been "to serve." As the survivor of a stroke, and reflecting now on what's most important to her, she will tell you that the compelling force in her life has been to be able to give to others. Though multi-talented, her primary gift has been one of sharing life's beauty through words...beautifully arranged on paper or composed in language.

Most intimately, Sadie is a loyal, praying, loving wife, mother and grandmother and a role model to more than she knows.

Sadie is also honored in the Plaza on the African American Women's Arch.