Sadie Osborne Turner

Areas of Achievement: 
Community Building
Home Making

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Honored by: Jolivet, Anna
Date submitted: October 24, 2006
Gift: General Gift

Sadie Osborne Turner was born to Mary McMillan and Edward Osborne. Most of the early years were spent in Louisiana where she attended a private school for girls. There she acquired skills in speaking, music and writing. In 1918 her family ̱ mother, father and one brother moved to Tucson, Arizona. At that time her formal education ended at her sophomore year for there was no high school for African Americans. Tucson High School would not accept her. Through her church she was able to use the knowledge and skills she had acquired before coming to Tucson.

In 1923, she married Joe Turner a veteran of World War I. Four children were born to the union. Unfortunately, Sadie was widowed in 1932, three months before the birth of her fourth child.

She then devoted her life to her children and her church. She continued to study and encourage education for each of her children and for others. For 73 years she served Mt. Calvary Missionary Baptist Church in many capacities, including pianist for the choir, church clerk, financial secretary, writer of Mission Guides, teacher at the Leadership School, director of the Baptist Training Union, organizer of the Mother's Prayer Circle, and speaker at many events.

She expected her children to continue their education beyond high school. All four obtained bachelor and advanced degrees. Her daughters are well known educators ̱ the youngest as a teacher of reading and an author of children's books. The oldest achieved a doctorate degree and served as an educational administrator. Her oldest son majored in business and served as a Regional Director of HUD. The youngest son became a dentist.

Sadie had a strong faith in God and lived a Christian life. Her friends and others often sought her help in understanding bible doctrine. She was revered as a knowledgeable teacher and leader.

Sadie was a beautiful woman. Always well groomed and immaculate in her appearance, she was modest, had a good sense of humor and was a friend to all she met.

She had eleven grandchildren and fifteen great-grandchildren at the time of her death.

As a teacher, she incorporated many visual demonstrations and activities so that participants could become involved in the presentation. She spent hours of preparation before teaching a lesson and tested all activities. She read extensively from diverse subjects.

Recognition Awards presented by her church and community include: This Is Your Life, Mt. Calvary Baptist Church; Mother of the Year, NAACP of Tucson; Recognition for Years of Service to Mt. Calvary Missionary Baptist Church; and Mission Society Recognition for Service, Mt. Calvary Baptist Church.

Sadie is also honored in the Plaza on the African American Women's Arch.