Laura Ann O'Hara


Honored By

Honored by: McCarthy, Patricia
Date submitted: October 24, 2006
Gift: Leaf Tile, Small

Laura received her Bachelor of Science in engineering, with her major in mechanical engineering at the University of Arizona. She presently works at Texas Instruments as Engineering Section Manager, WW Make Packaging, Silicon Node Productization Division.

Laura, my second born, has grown from the sweetest, good-natured baby into a wonderful wife to Kevin O'Hara, mother to Lindsey Erin, my first granddaughter, granddaughter to Josephine Haladyna and Eleanor Dobes, sister to Deborah Brooks and Michael Hnilo, and daughter to her father Bruce Hnilo and to Pat McCarthy. While earning her degree in mechanical engineering, Laura continued to work part-time as an office manager and participated in sports, softball being one of her favorites, still today. Her charming personality, tenacity, intelligence, and good will have brought her a very successful career with Texas Instruments, since they hired her out of college.

Laura has continued to be a mentor to girls at her company, and continues being a role model for women in science. To be blessed with one more very special daughter in my life is truly an honor and one I am proud to share in the Women's Plaza of Honor